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The Cancer page covers both primary and secondary care, including screening, prevention, diagnosis and treatment. 

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Latest News about Cancer

  • Bowel cancer screening programme: standardsThese standards ensure that stakeholders have access to: reliable and timely information about the quality of the screening programme; data at local, regional and national level; and quality measures across the screening pathway without gaps or duplications. 09/03/2018
  • Effect of a Low-Intensity PSA-Based Screening Intervention on Prostate Cancer Mortality: The CAP Randomized Clinical TrialThis research article is the science behind the headlines stating "Routine blood test for prostate cancer 'doesn't save lives'". It concludes that among practices randomized to a single PSA screening intervention vs standard practice without screening, there was no significant difference in prostate cancer mortality after a median follow-up of 10 years but the detection of low-risk prostate cancer cases increased. 09/03/2018
  • Symptom Burden in the First Year After Cancer Diagnosis: An Analysis of Patient-Reported OutcomesThis journal article outlines a Retrospective study. It reported that 729,861 symptom assessments were recorded within 12 months of diagnosis. For most symptoms, odds of elevated scores were highest in the first month, whereas nausea had increased odds of elevated scores up to 6 months after diagnosis. 07/03/2018
  • Hospitals trialling faster approach to prostate cancer diagnosisThis journal article outlines how Charing Cross Hospital, Epsom Hospital, and Queen Mary Hospital's Hospital are piloting RAPID, a novel scanning and diagnosis approach which claims to reduce diagnosis times for prostate cancer from six weeks to one week. 07/03/2018
  • Brain tumour research: task and finish working group reportThis report sets out the conclusions of Department of Health and Social Care task and finish working group on brain tumour research. The working group looked at removing barriers to research, and generating high-quality research applications. 02/03/2018
  • Chemotherapy dose standardisationThis document summarises the evidence-base on chemotherapy dose standardisation. It is a key therapeutic topic which has been identified to support medicines optimisation. It is not formal NICE guidance. 02/03/2018
  • A Mixed Picture: An Inquiry into Geographical Inequalities and Breast CancerThe report shows that, depending on where they live in England, some women are more than twice as likely to die from breast cancer under the age of 75. It calls on NHS England and Public Health England to address these inequalities through better workforce planning and data collection. 28/02/2018
  • Cancer StrategyThis debate pack outlines progress so far in implementing the cancer strategy and provides statistics on survival rates and the NHS cancer workforce. It also collates commentary and analysis from official, parliamentary and third sector organisations. 23/02/2018